Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rick Koerber talks about what is a FreeCapitalist?

What is the FreeCapitalist Project?
At the most basic level, the FreeCapitalist Project is a network of local FreeCapitalist Forums that meet regularly to learn, network, and plan positive social changes in the surrounding community. Members are united by a shared commitment to freedom and liberty through the unique and divinely inspired document: the United States Constitution.

Why did the FreeCapitalist Project start?
The republic of the United States has suffered from consistent efforts to alter, subvert, or disregard the Constitution framework set up by the Founding Fathers. Ironically, the ultimate threat to the order ushered in by the work of the Founding Fathers is almost invisible to the average citizens. The FreeCapitalist Project was started to help learn about the Constitution to advocate change within families and communities.

What is the mission of the FreeCapitalist Project?
The general mission of the FreeCapitalist Project is to help teach the Principles of Prosperity and restore governing standards of public and private activity.

What political party is the FreeCapitalist Project affiliated with?
The FreeCapitalist Project is not affiliated with any political party. However, the FreeCapitalist Project is interested in helping any organization founded and committed to the advancement of these Principles of Prosperity.

Why are members of the FreeCapitalist Project called Free Capitalists?
The FreeCapitalist Project uses the term Free Capitalists to set apart those who are committed to our principle-based approach to living and contributing in a free society.

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