Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mark Towner Spyglass Spots Jason Chaffetz on State Street

I was picking up my wife (in my #4 daughters) filthy Jeep in front of her Law Office and who is walking down the street but former Chief of Staff for Governor Huntsman Jason Chaffetz. Carrie say's hi and strikes up a conversation. When asked what his political plans were he said straight out, I'm running against Chris Cannon for Congress. Well we all suspected this to be the case, but it's the first time I actually heard it directly from his own lips.

I've seen first hand what happens to those serious candidates who take on Chris. Business deals go sour, old history gets dredged up, and you place a big fat bullseye on your back.

All I can say Jason is good luck, and watch your six......

Mark Towner

Mark Towner Spyglass Spots: School Busses on Anti-Voucher Campaign

The teachers Union is running aroung the state on school busses in their anti-voucher campaign. Question? Who paid for these busses in the first place? Who own's them now? How did they obtain them?

Liberal NEA funnels $3 million to fight parental choice in Utah
This week blogs (see here, here, and here) were full of news about the millions of dollars that the liberal national teachers' union will be throwing against parents in Utah. The NEA is one of the most liberal political activist groups in the country. (See here for details of the spending of this "education" association.) As one spokesperson for the anti-Referendum 1 movement said in a recent Salt Lake Tribune article, "Hey, we'll accept money from outside the state. We'll seek money anywhere we can get it."
It's not a surprise that liberal interest groups with a vested interesting in protecting their monopoly would spare no expense to defeat parents. But it is very hypocritical that the Utah branch would take so much money from an out-of-step-with-Utah interest group from Washington, DC.After months of crying foul for "out of state money" influencing politics in Utah, the teachers' union has now become the biggest perpetrator of what they decry. Their money is now coming from the same place as funding for Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Amnesty International and many other liberal interest groups.
Is that really in line with Utah values?

Vote FOR 1 to protect the rights of parents above the interests of establishment unions. _______________________
Not only out of state money, but your tax dollars, too!
Choice opponents' situational ethics don't stop there. The education establishment continues to use public resources, paid for by your tax dollars, in their campaign to take choice away from Utah parents.
This week in the "launch" of their campaign, opponents of parental choice drove a Salt Lake School District bus across three counties. Public schools continue to send political fliers home with students, in violation of the law.
Please help us protect your tax dollars and the integrity of the democratic process.
If you see public schools engaging in political activity, please call us at 801-532-1448 and let us know.