Monday, February 25, 2008

GOP Veep Stakes, and the winner is?

GOP Veep Stakes

Charlie Crist
The popular Florida governor might lock up the Sunshine State for McCain early on. (AP File photo)

* Charlie Crist: Less than two years after winning election as the governor of Florida, Crist is already being talked up in Republican circles as a potential VP. (The St. Petersburg Times even has a Charlie Crist veep-o-meter measuring his chances. In retrospect, McCain's win in Florida was the tipping point in his bid for the nomination, and that victory was fueled in no small part by a last-minute endorsement from Crist. One strike against Crist is that he isn't regarded by movement conservatives as one of them.

* Jon Huntsman Jr.: Huntsman, the governor of Utah, is the dark horse pick of this list. His original endorsement was seen a major coup for McCain -- Huntsman is Mormon, thus his support was seen as a slap at Mitt Romney. Huntsman also has significant chops among the Reagan/Bush crowd; he served in both Bush administrations and was a staff assistant in the Reagan White House in the early 1980s. Did we mention he is the son of the wealthiest man in Utah?

* Tim Pawlenty: The two-term Minnesota governor has to be considered the frontrunner at the moment to be McCain's pick. He hails from the electorally important Midwest, is young enough to balance concerns about McCain's age, and he stuck by the Arizona senator in the darkest days of the campaign. The criticism that Pawlenty is an unknown on the national stage may, in fact, be an argument in his favor -- voters won't bring any preconceived notions about him to the ticket. Never forget that one of the guiding principles in picking a VP is to find someone who is comfortable being seen but not heard. Want more about the man they call "Tpaw"? Make sure to read Jonathan Martin's profile of the man.

* Mark Sanford: If Tpaw is the top choice these days, Sanford isn't far behind. Term-limited out of office in 2010, Sanford is young (47) and the rare Republican who can bridge the chasm between social and economic conservatives. Sanford was an early endorser of McCain during the latter's 2000 presidential candidacy and, even though he stayed neutral this year, retains a good relationship with McCain. Fiscal conservatives -- led by the Club For Growth -- LOVE Sanford and have already begun lobbying on his behalf.

* John Thune: A rising star in the party, Thune is a hero to conservatives for defeating Sen. Tom Daschle (S.D.) in 2004. He also hails from the Plains -- a potentially competitive area with Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin up for grabs. Thune, like Sanford and Pawlenty, is in his 40s, helping McCain offset any concerns about his age.

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It won't be the first mud thrown in this arena

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Wall St. Journal

What? since when did these matter, oh right only Republicans can be R&S

GOP Fears Charges of Racism, Sexism

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Hillary would have to use a roller, not a brush!

Clinton Paints Obama as Naive

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Boston Herald

Dude, get a life.... There are still Corvair's out there that did'nt kill their drivers

Nader's Third Bid Gets Shrugs

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Chicago Tribune

It will be a Governor that can deliver a big state like Florida I'm afraid

At Governors' Meeting, a VP Buzz

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 03:49 AM CST

New York Times

How about we just give these people their freedom from the US, and save us taxpayers some money

McCain Wins Puerto Rico, Marianas

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Associated Press

Bill told her to stay in it to get her loan to her campaign paid off first then bail

Clinton Assures Donors Campaign is on Track

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 03:42 AM CST

Associated Press

Is this a surprise to anyone? Just bring the troops home, and slash the milltary budget, worked for Bill

Clinton, Obama Ignore Budget Crisis, Promise Billions

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 03:35 AM CST


We shall see in November

Republican Red, but True Blue to Obama

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LA Times

Thank God, Terrible choice

Hutchison Says She's Not Interested in VP

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Stay In?, You were never there dude

Paul Says He'll Stay In, No Independent Bid

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Austin American-Statesman

Obama, Clinton Fight for Votes as Battle Rages to Take On McCain

The best political gift of the day for Barack Obama’s campaign has been served up by Iowa’s Des Moines Register, the largest newspaper in the swing state that put the Illinois senator on top in possible head-to-head match-ups in the fall election.

The poll shows Obama ahead of Republican nominee John McCain by a substantial margin, 53-36. A head-to-head match between McCain and Hillary Clinton shows McCain is the preferred choice, 49-40.

The poll comes as Clinton continues on the campaign trail to say that she is best equipped to beat McCain in the general election. The New York senator is under mounting pressure to win both of the big-state contests of Texas and Ohio, which vote with Rhode Island and Vermont on March 4.

If she doesn’t, two Democratic governors suggest it could be curtains for her campaign

Gloves come off as Clinton-Obama showdown looms

4 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Just a few days ago, pundits said Hillary Clinton was preparing a graceful exit from the Democrats' White House race. Now, heading into must-win battles in Ohio and Texas, she is coming out firing.