Saturday, April 26, 2008

Energy Independence "IS" National Security

How should the next President and Congress address the price of energy? Let market forces take control. Here is an outline how the United States could free ourselves of foreign oil and drive down the costs of energy.

Allow the military to once again refine their own fuel needs. Place strategic state of the art refineries on military bases. These refineries would generate a standard gas, and Diesel/JP5/JP7 to address all the needs of the military, especially the air force. Allow the airlines to own and refine their own Jet-A production facilities like in North Pole Alaska. This will remove the pressure on domestic use.

Allow companies like COSTCO and Sams Club to purchase and build refineries to produce gas for its members utilizing US supplies of Oil, Coal, and Bio fuel (NOT CORN) Just watch the price drop like a rock for everyone.

The Energy Department be tasked to develop clean nuclear plants on both coasts where ready access to seawater is available. These plants would generate electricity and hydrogen in sufficient quantities to supply both coasts for Electric and Hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars.

Eliminate all subsidies for oil companies and redirect these to companies that will develop Solar energy complexes like out in the Mohave desert, and wind generation on a meaningful scale.

The Captain

It's Race, Stupid!

Posted: 26 Apr 2008 01:00 AM CDT

LOS ANGELES -- Face it: "Electability" is just another way of saying Barack Obama is black. The overuse of the word right now is a way of assuring voters, Democrat and Republican, that if they do not...

Salt Lake County Democrats don’t have horns, but can they party!

I just returned from my first Democrat convention as an elected delegate. I will say they were very organized during registration with their paperwork looking very much like the poll rosters. I wonder if the clerk’s office helped out.

The one thing I can say is these folks know how to have fun. The energy was very high and it seemed like everybody and their brother is running for national delegate to go vote for Obama.

What struck me as amazing was how many people looked at my credentials, recognized my name, and then looked me right in the eyes and asked what the heck a Republican was doing there.

I had long conversations with Sim Gill, Peter Corroon, Jenny Wilson, Pat Jones and on and on and on. What impressed me most was the openness and genuine feeling of service these elected officials had.

So here is my professional analysis of the Democrat candidates and the likelihood of victory in November.

County Council 2 candidate Paul Pugmire delivered one of best convention speeches (but very long, too long in fact) I have ever heard. This guy is polished, good looking, and has the political chops from previous experience in Arizona politics. If he can get the money he needs, he will give Michael Jensen a real problem. If these two debate, Pugmire will clean his clock. I project a very close race here, but Jensen will be re-elected. Look for Pugmire in the future of Democrat politics.

County Council 4 candidate Jani Iwamoto is a political novice and it showed. She has the education and the community involvement background, but she will be up against one of the best debaters on the County Council. This is the race that will determine who will control county government. I was surprised at the hatred against Mark Crockett by Joe Hatch and the other Democrat council members. Funny it seems both sides have issues with Mark. The Republicans call him a RINO, yet the Democrats call him a Southerland Institute hack. This poses a real problem for Mark because if he cannot raise money, he can’t win. And clearly Hatch, Bradley and especially Horiuchi want him gone. I project this race to be the tightest. I think the Democrats will win this seat and take the council majority.

County Council 6 candidate Roger Harding seems like a nice guy, but the Sandy Republican Party machine will not allow this seat to a democrat. Look for lots and lots of money to materialize for the Republican, and simply overwhelm Harding.

At-Large Randy Horiuchi will win again with the help of the Sandy Republicans and developers.

Peter Corroon is the most popular elected official in Utah, easy win. Maybe the Democrats might want to convince him to run for US Senate in 2010 to see if his popularity goes beyond Salt Lake County.

Joe Hatch and Jenny Wilson were all excited about a 7-2 majority on the council. Won’t happen but it looks like they will get a majority.

A final note was how well I was treated. Official after official, and Democrat bigwigs like Scott Matheson introduced me around to several mover and shakers in the party. I know Scott from the U law school when Carrie (my wife) was the President of the Women’s Law caucus.

What a day…….

The Captain