Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mitt v. McCain, McCain v. Mitt, and on and on

by Jill Zuckman
Henniker, N.H. – What if you went to a popular New Hampshire spot and couldn't find anyone who actually votes in the state?

That's what happened to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Wednesday when he visited Pat's Peak, a popular ski area where he says he taught his five sons to ski. The place was packed with children, a.k.a non-voters, as well as vacationers from places such as Ireland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Israel and Canada, a.k.a. non-New Hampshire voters.

But perhaps the real point of his visit was to level a couple zingers at Sen. John McCain, his closest rival in the New Hampshire primary. Romney said it is "totally appropriate" to "compare and contrast" the candidates' positions before criticizing McCain on illegal immigration and taxes. He also accused McCain of sending a mailer to voters that attacked him personally.
The back and forth between the two campaigns and the dissecting of comments went long past the Pat's Peak visit and into the night. Let's review the bidding.

Romney launched the first salvo, saying that McCain was "wrong to say all illegal aliens can stay here permanently" and "he was wrong to vote against the Bush tax cuts."
McCain mocked Romney, saying his campaign is in a "tailspin," and called his attacks "desperate, flailing and false."

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