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Political Blogger Jessie Harris proposes to stop political free speech.

Political Blogger Jessie Harris proposes to stop political free speech.

A local Utah Political blogger plans on getting an elected official to run his proposed legislation.

I recently had an encounter with Mr. Harris and his attempt to intimidate several computer companies and elected officials who are personal friends or whose services I use to ban the Political Spyglass. Jesse Blogsite is
And you can see from his many posts that his views on free speech are twisted.

Below is a copy of his different personalities and ways to contact him. If you agree with his position then contact him and say so. If you do not agree, contact him and tell him so. I think he needs some perspective.

Jesse: Born in Alabama and then transplanted to California, Jesse spent 14 years in Las Vegas before moving to the Salt Lake City area. He's a professional computer nerd by trade (any more detail than that would bore most of you to tears) and a political junkie by hobby. Jesse's also into cooking, old-school video games and semi-obsessive Linux puttering.
ICQ: 1589572
AIM: TheElevatorMan
Yahoo: elforesto

I thought I had settled my prior issue with Mr. Harris, but it appears not to be from his continued attacks and comments. I will continue to send out The Political Spyglass every day to anyone who I please. It’s my Constitutional right Mr. Harris, or do you see the First Amendment to the constitution like many liberal democrats see the Second amendment as well?

Romney Tries To Pack A Straw Poll But Thompson's Stock Is Rising

Romney Tries To Pack A Straw Poll But Thompson's Stock Is Rising
07 Jul 2007 09:03 pm

The Young Republican National Federation's annual convention ends tonight in Ft. Lauderdale with the announcement of its straw poll results -- a poll that, in all likelihood, Mitt Romney will win, and then use to tout as an example of how Young Republicans are enthusiastic about his campaign.

But Romney had a few legs up. For one thing, the Young Republican's executive director, Jon Woodward, is the St. John's County chair for Romney. The convention's chief organizer is Brian

Graham, who is also a Romney backer. Romney's campaign helped to sponsor tonight's dinner. And the YRNF convention corporation, according to Erick Erickson at RedState, decided for some reason to allow non YRers to vote in the straw poll. That allows organized and well-monied campaigns to bring in supporters, so they should choose.

Parable of Romney and McCain explains why money is so important in politics

Parable of Romney and McCain explains why money is so important in politics
McClatchy Newspapers

As of June 10, Republican presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney had used his fundraising haul to buy 4,549 television ads.

WASHINGTON There were two object lessons last week in why money matters so much to political campaigns, in the persons of Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain.
Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, outpaced all Republican rivals in amassing campaign cash so far this year, a total of $44 million. That includes nearly $9 million of his own money. McCain raised $24.8 million over the same period.
The disparity allowed Romney — a little-known one-term governor of a state considered outside the political mainstream — to vault to front-running status in key early voting states. And it’s why McCain — an American hero and best-selling author — struggles to keep his campaign afloat.

Romney used his haul to buy 4,549 television ads through June 10, more than all the other candidates combined, according to a report by The Nielsen Co., which analyzes ad buys.

Giuliani faces minefield for GOP nomination

Giuliani faces minefield for GOP nomination
By Tony Quinn Updated: 07/08/07 7:32 AM

Rudy Giuliani’s lead in the race for the GOP presidential nomination is driven by two words: Hillary Clinton. Republicans see in Giuliani the candidate most likely to defeat Clinton in 2008, assuming, as seems more likely all the time, she emerges as the Democratic nominee for president.

Giuliani actually is not the only GOP candidate who runs well against Clinton; Sen. John McCain runs as strongly as he does. In the most recent CNN poll, Giuliani trailed Clinton by a single point, 48 percent to 49 percent; but McCain is behind by only two points, 47 percent to 49 percent. All other GOP candidates did worse.

But winning a presidential nomination is also a matter of luck, and Giuliani has been very lucky thus far. Eight months ago, McCain was the Republican establishment choice and ahead in most polls. But he is also the most closely aligned with the unpopular Bush administration, and the increasingly unpopular war in Iraq.

McCain also suffers from being both the insider choice and an outsider. His stands on many issues, most recently immigration reform, have grated upon grass-roots Republican voters. As McCain’s prospects have declined, Giuliani’s have risen and he is now replacing McCain as the choice of much of the establishment, especially the business wing of the party.

Giuliani also is lucky in that the candidacy of the third top-tier candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, has blocked the rise of any of the second-tier candidates. Former

Who is Florida’s favorite presidential hopeful?

Who is Florida’s favorite presidential hopeful?
With a new early primary, state’s size will test spending power of candidates

By Originally posted on July 08, 2007
The Associated Press•
The Republican already have participated in several televised debates along with the Democratic candidates. Candidates from both parties will need to rely more on television than visits to Florida to get their messages out because the primary is so early and the state is so large.

Think of it as the calm before the political storm.This sweltering Southwest Florida summer is just a breather before the blizzard of television ads and mail, as presidential candidates compete in the state’s newly advanced Jan. 29 primary.But if you’re expecting an endless series of candidates marching through Southwest Florida, similar to what’s going on in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina — still following tradition as the first states in the primary race — you may be surprised.

Dems blast Sen. Clinton for using strategist who's also CEO of PR firm

Dems blast Sen. Clinton for using strategist who's also CEO of PR firm

July 8, 2007

BY ROBERT NOVAK Sun-Times ColumnistSen. Hillary Clinton is facing increasing Democratic criticism for using Mark Penn as her presidential campaign's chief strategist while he also serves as CEO of Burson-Marsteller, the public relations giant with corporate clients whose policies run opposite to Clinton's.

Clients include Royal Dutch Shell (attacked by Clinton for ''windfall profits''), as well as tobacco and pharmaceutical firms with records she has deplored. Penn was a key operative in President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign and continued as a second-term adviser.
A footnote: Penn criticized Bloomberg News, which has reported on conflicts between Burson-Marsteller and the Clinton campaign, for obtaining ''several months'' of Penn's internal blogs. On June 29, a former employee who started a rival firm filed suit in New York City against Penn for monitoring his personal e-mails.,CST-EDT-novak08.article

The Internet It's a potent new tool, but no one's sure how to use it

The Internet
It's a potent new tool, but no one's sure how to use it

By Kenneth T. Walsh
Posted 7/8/07

As Barack Obama made clear last week, candidates have discovered ways to raise millions of dollars in contributions from the Internet. The question is what they do with this potentially powerful tool beyond raking in cash.

Mark Towner's Month of Hell

Imagine coming in on final to Salt Lake International and suddenly your back molar screams with pain. Every foot of descent is more and more agony. After grabbing your luggage you feel every heart beat in your jaw that is simply on fire. When you get home you find some left over pain med’s that you never used and swallow them like candy. The next day you beeline for your dentist, open the door of his office, and beg to have some relief.

Now the tooth in question has had a gold crown on it for nearly 35 years (my teeth suck because I was born in Japan and didn’t get the right food for good teeth) and the dentist took me into his exam room and had an assistant take an x-ray of the area. All you could see from the x-ray was a solid light spot where the gold crown was.

After shooting me not one, not twice, but four times to get numb, he then broke three drill bits trying to get through the gold crown on the tooth. Finally he broke through and the pressure that had built up on the plane trip was relived There was infection under the crown, and this needed to be overcome before any further dental work could proceed. He packed the tooth with cotton so the stuff underneath could seep out and not build up pressure.

He prescribed antibiotics and pain med’s until I could see someone about a root canal. I was fine as long as I was on the pain pills, and continued working. I then was promoted to our Park City Store, and drove up Parleys. On return I experienced the same shooting pain as before. After double doses of pain meds I was able to sleep for few hours. The next day I worked up in Park City and coming back down to Salt Lake the pain was unbearable.

Going into my garage I selected a pair of needle nose vice grips and locked onto the tooth. On the count of three I used all my strength and the crown and tooth broke off at the gum line. Remarkably the pain diminished and looking into the Gold crown was black icky gook. Several salt water mouth washes later I actually felt normal again. I called my dentist the next morning and told him what I had done. There was total silence on his end, and he finally said in all my years of dental work, I have never had a patient extract their own tooth with vice grips.

He said the tooth was infected and would either need a root canal or extracted. However because the tooth was broken off at the gum line, I would need to seek a specialist. Numerous calls to five different surgeons I found one that would at least see me, but I might have to wait hours for a break. I drove down to South Jordan and waited nearly three hours. The doctor finally had a break, and examined my tooth. He said the tooth could not be saved, and needed to come out before additional infection or problems occurred. I said great lets get it out right now. He asked if I had come alone and I said yes. He said that he would normally perform the surgery under IV, but since I drove myself, the only thing he could offer me was local and gas.

Once I was numb he started the procedure forgetting about the gas, but I didn’t care. I wanted the tooth out at all costs. Several tools were required to get the tooth out and because it was in such bad condition it came out in three pieces.

He sutured up the area, and we are making plans on inserting a titanium screw and bone graft, along with an implant tooth to fill the obvious gap.

So this has been my past month. A month of pure hell, and I have a bone graft and screw to look forward too.

Keep in mind during this period I was heavily medicated and not fully normal. So I ask for some consideration, about some of the things I may have said or posted.


Captain Mark