Monday, July 23, 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate !@&&&%$#@

Ok folks now to bear my soul. My first introduction to personal computers was the Compupro S100 bus running a tweaked version of CPM. Then we moved up to MPM running on a Z80 processor with 1mg of ram. Well nearly 30 years laters, and I can't even count how many upgrades, I'm still convinced Mircosoft has it's head up it's floppy drive. I finally broke down and purchased the Windows Vista Ultimate on a wim when I was cruising COSTCO for some Ink cart. and looking at the new HP Printer. I started the upgrade process on Friday and it's now 1:30am on Monday and my box still is not put back together. It took nearly8 hours to do the upgrade, and guess what? I can't tell you how many programs no longer work. The best one yet is Windows Update. It searches for updates, find's several plug-ins I need (like sound and DVD stuff) and it trys to install and download and nothing happens. Back in the 80's we maybe had to boot a Compupro once a month (with a 8"floppy disk) thats how realiable these computers were. I'm rebooting every 10 to 15 minutes to get something unstuck.

All through the 90's I became a UNIX/XENIX convert. I loved this OS and still do although it's now called everything under the sun but what it is. Even Jobs can't bring himself to admit that the first generation LISA and MAC OS is a direct ripoff of ATT UNIX.

All of my MANY! servers are running BSD or some variant. These guys never die, never quit, never complain, and when somthing actually does go wrong, they send me an email or text message to give me some advanced warning.

Well for what it's worth, I could'nt help but pick up a 80GB IPod with Video. I'm gonna wait until the second or third release of the IPhone.

SOOOOOO is there any VISTA Guru's out there that maybe can get this damn machine working again???????

The Captain