Friday, May 11, 2007

The Rick Koerber Show

What is FreeCapitalist Radio™?

FreeCapitalist Radio offers a unique perspective on politics, business, and investing not found on any other talk show. It educates listeners on what really constitutes prosperity and helps audience members realize the power of the individual to improve one’s life. Listeners are encouraged to make decisions and base actions on principles and actual data rather than jumping on the bandwagon of sensationalism. With subjects ranging from Cicero to Adam Smith, current events to the U.S. Constitution, FreeCapitalist Radio is talk radio at its best. Launched in October of 2005, The Rick Koerber Show has already amassed an audience in 25 states who tune in each weekday via radio or nationwide webcast to hear Rick and renowned guests—including U.S. senators, international professors, and prominent businessmen—talk about the principles of prosperity in a lively and engaging way.

Captain Mark

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