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Mitt Romney: Brainy Wonk or Brazen Waffler?

Mitt Romney: Brainy Wonk or Brazen Waffler?
This post was written by RB Scott on 12 May, 2007 (09:34) All News
By RB Scott, Boston, Massachusetts
May 12, 2007

Is there anything we don’t know about Willard Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who would be President?

He has confessed that most follicles in his 60-year-old scalp still produce thick black hair, making every tottering windbag in the land all the more envious. It was enough to learn His Hunkiness is a testimony only to clean living and regular exercise not to some gossipy plastic surgeon or bottle-tanned personal trainer.

Although Mitt has been openly campaigning for the Presidency for more than a year now - officially since January - the only thing we may know for certain is that he looks real good up close and personal and that he may have changed his mind on the key issues of the day about as often as his great-great grandfather and mine added new wives.

Ann Davies Romney, Mitt’s only wife for nearly 40 years and his high school sweetheart, may be the best kept secret of all. She was unknown to the rest of the world until she joined her husband for an interview with CNN’s Larry King. Still extraordinarily good looking despite having borne and raised five sons and battling multiple sclerosis for several years, Mrs. Romney’s spontaneous, direct but kind and literate comments instantly belied those persistently pernicious “blonde” jokes, not to mention the overworked caricatures of subservient “Molly Mormon” women.

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