Monday, October 15, 2007

No clean hands here, Teachers exposed for illegal acts

No clean hands here, Teachers exposed for illegal acts

Teachers, PTA, School Administrators, Unions, Government Officials, Federal Employees, Major Employers. What have all these groups have in common? They have allowed their computer’s, networks, email systems, and company time to defeat Referendum 1, and support the anti-voucher group Utahans’ for Public Schools, and the Utah Democratic Parties efforts to organize phone and email trees, distribute lawn signs, and other activities to defeat the voucher law.

Since Utahan’s for Public Schools has not provided any alternative on how to improve education here in Utah, including better ways to fund public education, one can only assume this issue really is not about education, but the continued monopoly of education dollars by the Teachers Unions.

The following link will allow access to data files of the above mentioned folks who have been caught in the personal use of computer systems that are either taxpayer paid, or paid for my their respective employers.

Notice even after warnings provided directly and articles in the paper that talk about this, there is still continued illegal use.

The link below provides access to snapshots and excel documentation of the sting operation.

Somebody’s got some splaining to do!

Mark Towner,

The Spyglass

Republican Rudy Giuliani spent $13 million

Giuliani Spends $13M in 3rd Quarter

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Rudy Giuliani spent $13 million between July and September, his biggest spending quarter yet as he positioned himself as his party's presidential front-runner.

Giuliani raised $11.4 million during the quarter, with about $10 million of it available to spend on his contest for the GOP nomination, according to a report filed Monday with the Federal Election commission. His campaign listed a total of $16.6 million cash on hand, $11.6 million available for the primaries.

All presidential candidates were required to file their third quarter reports with the FEC by midnight Monday.

Giuliani led the Republican field in fundraising this summer, according to early estimates provided by the campaigns, though his July-September total declined from his high during April-June.

Giuliani is ahead of the rest of the Republican candidates in national polls, but he lags behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the leadoff caucus state of Iowa. In New Hampshire, another important early voting state, polls show the race a virtual toss-up among Giuliani, Romney and John McCain. Fred Thompson, the "Law & Order" actor and former Tennessee senator, is also competitive with the top tier in state and national polls.

Giuliani's cash advantage over the rest of the field could give him an advantage in the remaining 90 days before voters make their choices in the early contests.