Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let the Spiking Begin Lefty Bloggers

I had mentioned in an earlier Spyglass post that the lefty authors of Amicus, Bell, etc, etc, etc (Shall we Dance) would wait till the last minute on Saturday night to intentionally spike down the ratings of the Spyglass. Well I just happened to be reading some of the lefty blog posts this evening and what do I see? , nearly every article I posted early this morning was repeated by the left.

Well I couldn’t have felt more proud that many of you thought what I had already posted needed to be repeated under your byline. I also thought I must be running around 10 out of 10 possible in highest ranking, since every post I made today was repeated by somebody, but NOOOOO, the Spyglass was spiked down to 4 , FOUR!!!! You know who you are.

So the Gloves come off you ingrates, just watch in shock as your favorite Amicus, Bell, Track, and the rest feel the sharp attacks you have chosen to dish out on the old Spyglass.

And in closing, I will say for the record that Romney’s campaign is done. He painted himself with previous lies right up to the cliff’s edge. This latest whopper pushed him over the edge as far as this voter stands.

I and many others don’t want a prejudiced anti Mormon Southern Baptist minister as the leader of this great country (along with 5 million other voting Mormons) so Huckleberry Hound is toast. This latest thing with Rudy is going to bring back memories of his excuse of Prostate Cancer when he bowed out against Hillary “the ROD” Clinton, when his pollsters gave him the losing numbers.

So I’m going out on a HUGE Limb tonight and tell you who I feel will be the nominees for their respective parties.

Obama will be like Fox’s 24 David Palmer, the first African American Presidential Nominee for the democrats, who will be his running mate? Wesley Clark most likely

As for the Republican’s, hold onto your hats folks, but here is the actual winning team that can take the White House. Drum roll please. You gatta hand it to Governor Jon Huntsman and AG Mark Shurtlef, they ignored them all and stayed loyal to Senator John McClain. He will likely win New Hampshire after Mitt stepped in it again by opening his mouth, and then come in second to Huckabee in SC. Mitt will likely win Iowa, but not by much, and he had to pander to those multi millionaire farmers about ethanol if he does.

At least McCain told them where they can stick their corncobs subsidies. And guess who will be his running mate? , the democratic Vice Presidential nominee of 2004 Joe Lieberman. Uncle Joe is squeaky clean, smart, and really wants to stick it to the Democrats who tried to toss him out of the US Senate. He is well respected on both sides of the aisle of the Senate, and probably could get some real work accomplished.

What’s happened to Romney? The more prevalent this revelation about Romney’s pattern of lying (especially about stuff that happened during the Olympics) gets out, he should save the Millions he would throw down the toilet, and give his son about 3 million to take on Matheson here in Utah’s second district. I actually herd that the party is considering Merrill Cook as a possibility again. If the Republican Party can’t get a fresher candidate to run against Matheson, they should concede the inevitable and put their money in a race they actually might win.

This guy is plain scarry: Video of Ron Paul's revolution

The lights are on, but nobody’s home

U.S. Congress is sinking to new lows

By George F. Will

Published: Sunday, Dec. 23, 2007 12:03 a.m. MST

WASHINGTON — Hell bent on driving its approval rating into single digits, Congress adjourned after passing an omnibus spending bill larded with at least 8,993 earmarks costing at least $7.4 billion — the precise number and amount will be unclear until implications of some obscure provisions are deciphered. The gusher of earmarks was a triumph of bipartisanship, which often is a synonym for kleptocracy.

This was the first year since 1994 that Democrats controlled both houses. Consider Congress' agreeably meager record: It raised the hourly minimum wage from $5.15 to $5.85 — less than the $7 entry wage at McDonald's — thereby increasing the wages of less than 0.5 percent of the work force. Rebuffing President Bush, who advocates halting farm subsidies to those with adjusted gross incomes of more than $200,000, the Senate also rejected — more bipartisanship — a cap at $750,000. This, in spite of the fact that farm income has soared to record levels, partly because Congress shares the president's loopy enthusiasm for ethanol and wants more corn and other agricultural matter turned into fuel.

Although Congress trembles for the future of the planet, it was unwilling to eliminate the 54-cent-a-gallon tariff on Brazilian ethanol. But our polymath Congress continued designing automobiles to make them less safe (smaller) and more expensive. It did this by mandating new fuel efficiency — a 35 mpg fleet average by 2020 — lest the automotive industry design cars people want. And Congress mandated a 12-year phaseout of incandescent light bulbs.

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