Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mark Towner's Political Spyglass: Shake-up leaves McCain's campaign with smaller staff

Shake-up leaves McCain's campaign with smaller staff
July 14, 2007

The director of Republican John McCain's presidential campaign office in Michigan said Thursday that three staff people will work in the state. That's down from the seven or so who had been staffing the campaign, but better than the one some had predicted.

Earlier this week, McCain's national campaign went through a shake-up after its top leaders resigned following bad news on the fund-raising front. That raised doubts about what the fallout would be in Michigan, a key state McCain won in 2000 before losing the presidential nomination to George W. Bush.

John Yob, who's running the Arizona senator's bid for the Republican presidential nomination in Michigan, isn't saying whether the Grand Rapids campaign office is open or not, but he did say Thursday that McCain's state camp has a new phone number.
In a news release, Yob acknowledged the "major changes" the campaign is going through and likened them to "what Ronald Reagan went through in 1979, when he didn't reach fund-raising expectations."

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