Saturday, September 08, 2007

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Thompson's 'Whirlwind'
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 05:15 PM CDT
Fred Thompson, making his inaugural whirlwind tour around the early primary states, isn't doing much to counter his image as a less than enthusiastic campaigner. Thompson hits New Hampshire this...

Fred in Des Moines
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 04:33 PM CDT
From Fred's Web site: That must be the podium Tom was referring to -- the one that won't be used any longer. More videos in the RCP Vlog....

Thompson's Roll Out; NH Debate
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 03:32 PM CDT
In our weekly podcast with the I discuss Fred Thompson's roll out this week and his impact on the GOP field as well as McCain's and Huckabee's solid performance in Wednesday's...

Trail Mix with Fred
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 03:07 PM CDT
ORANGE CITY - After departing Sioux City, Thompson made a stop brief stop in Le Mars for a photo op at Bob's Drive In - "Home of the Bob's Dog*." Fred chatted up the diners while the cameras huddled...

Podium Free Fred
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 12:09 PM CDT
SIOUX CITY - Thompson just completed the third event of his kick off tour, a standing room only town hall meeting at the Sioux City Convention center. The campaign seemed pleased with the results, as...

'08 Notes: More Hits Than Ichiro
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 10:30 AM CDT
A new scandal could be popping up on the outskirts of Chicago, as Rep. Jerry Weller comes under scrutiny for a land deal in Nicaragua (how great is the San Juan del Sur dateline?). Weller failed to...

The Daily 2008
Posted: 07 Sep 2007 10:19 AM CDT
According to the New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Jo Becker, Fred Thompson's campaign goal should be a cinch. All he has to do, they write, is "win over conservatives who are disheartened at their...

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Jesse Harris is a Liar and a thief

Jesse Harris is a Liar and a thiefAnti 1st amendment jack ass Jesse Harris shown his true colors.

First he calls me a liar saying I did not have anywhere near the 10,000 subscribers I claimed for the Spyglass Newsletter. Now after stealing 5800 edited down email addresses his fist accusation is debunked. Do I receive and apology, no just more attacks and statements of how he plans on revealing the contents of the stolen email list.

Additionally by posting on his own website how he subscribed to my email list and agreeing to the terms, which included not downloading information without permission, chose to suggest other bloggers to duplicate his unethical if not illegal behavior.

His blog sites and his open support of UTOPIA, and distain of Comcast and Qwest takes a “holier than thou” attitude because I continue to “spam” thousands of email addresses with a link to my free Political Newsletter The Spyglass.

The Spyglass is nothing more than a place for me to post articles that interest me and for others to read what is happening in the world of politics. Additionally it provides me an easy archive of thoughts and stories. Additionally I sometimes write commentary or comments to get other bloggers feedback on issues or events.

What part of the First Amendment does Jesse Harris not understand?

I guess this is what you can expect from a Liar and thief.

Mark Towner,Publisher