Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Holly Cow, You Must See These Video's

You gatta see these Video's



Giuliani Says He's MoveOn's 'Worst Nightmare'

Giuliani Says He's MoveOn's 'Worst Nightmare'
The spat between Rudy Giuliani and MoveOn.Org has not, well, moved on yet.
In a new radio ad, which is now running in Iowa, the former New York mayor calls MoveOn the "most powerful left wing group in the country" and designates himself their "worst nightmare."
"They know Rudy is a Republican who can beat the Democrats," an announcer in the ad says. "And they know, no matter what they say- Rudy will never, ever back down."
In response, the MoveOn group announced today it has double the amount of money it is spending on an anti-Giuliani television ad in Iowa, from $50,000 to $100,000, and will also run the ad nationally on CNN. The ad hits Giuliani for quitting a congressional panel on Iraq strategy.
"It's no surprise that Giuliani can't respond to our charge that he went AWOL on Iraq," the group's executive director, Eli Pariser said. "Maybe he thinks voters care more about what he says about MoveOn than what he's failed to do to end the war."
Even as Giuliani continued the battle with MoveOn, rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney launched a new radio spot in Iowa which attempts to reinforce Romney's opposition to gay marriage.
"Governor Mitt Romney - he stood up for traditional marriage and fought the activist ruling every step," an announcer says. Later, he continues: "Now, Mitt Romney is standing up for traditional marriage in Iowa, opposing the Polk County decision to permit same-sex marriage."
--Michael D. Shear

Gallup: Giuliani dips, McCain edges up, Romney slips; Clinton's lead is steady

Gallup: Giuliani dips, McCain edges up, Romney slips; Clinton's lead is steady
Lots of poll data to chew on this morning from our friends at Gallup.
First, Frank Newport and Joseph Carroll write at The Gallup Poll that:
Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani continues to lead the national race for the Republican presidential nomination, although his support has faded to one of its lowest readings of the year. Former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, who recently announced his candidacy, holds steady in second place, 8 percentage points behind the frontrunner. Meanwhile, Arizona Sen. John McCain has continued to recover from his early August doldrums and is in third place, only 4 points behind Thompson and more than 10 points ahead of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Romney's mini-bounce after the Iowa straw poll in early August appears to have been short-lived.
According to Gallup's Sept. 14-16 poll of "401 Republicans or Republican leaners:"
• Giuliani's support dipped from 34% in the first week of September to 30%.• Thompson's support was unchanged, at 22%. • McCain's rose from 15% to 18%.• Romney's slipped from 10% to 7%.
"In general," Frank and Joe write, "support for McCain has shown gradual improvement over the past month, and Americans' opinions of McCain are at their highest point since May. McCain is now rated as favorably by Americans as Giuliani, and more so than the less-well known Thompson or Romney."
Gallup says those GOP numbers each have margins of error of +/- 5 percentage points.
Meanwhile, Frank writes at our Gallup Guru blog that Clinton continues to lead "overwhelmingly -- with Sen. Barack Obama in 2nd place" among Democrats and Democratic leaners.
Gallup's latest Democratic numbers:
• Clinton, 47%, vs. 45% the first week of September.• Obama, 25%, vs. 24%.• John Edwards, 11%, down from 16%.
Frank concludes, by the way, that "one would have to assign a fairly low probability at this point to the chances of any one other than Clinton ending up with the party nomination."
The Democratic figures also have margins of error of +/- 5 percentage points.

Hot Tip on Voucher Spending

Mike Antonucci tipped me off that the Utah state government web page with the list of campaign financial disclosure reports had been updated.

You can thumb through them yourself, but Communities for Quality Education does have one, and the NEA front group spent $133,400 - mostly on consultants and staff.

Two of the three $500,000 grants from NEA to the Utah Education Association were immediately passed along to Utahns for Public Schools, which then immediately sent the cash to Media Strategies and Research - a Democratic media-buying firm based in Denver, Colorado, that is an NEA favorite for this task.

MS&R undoubtedly is using the money to buy up air time in the Utah media.

The next set of financial disclosure reports aren't due until seven days before the election so we won't see updated numbers until October 30.

Mark Towner's Spyglass Spots: Fred Thompson says no to NCLB

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