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Mark Towner's Spyglass Spots: Fred Thompson Tries Retail Politics

Fred Thompson Tries Retail Politics
By PHILIP ELLIOTT – 8 hours ago

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson left a trail of half-empty coffee cups and barely sipped Diet Pepsis on Sunday as he jumped into the kind of person-to-person political campaigning that voters here demand.

On his first swing across New Hampshire as a declared candidate, Thompson visited bars and restaurants where voters watched football and drank beer. Some asked about immigration, the economy and politics.

He even signed a magazine that featured him on the cover with the headline, "Lazy Like a Fox."
"I'm going to lose more weight on this thing. I'll never get close enough to food to eat it," the former Tennessee senator joked with the throng of reporters and photographers chasing him.

Thompson faces some obstacles in states that vote early in the presidential primary process, like New Hampshire. His rivals have spent considerable time and money building organizations here and meeting with voters as they like it — one on one and in small groups.
He pledged Sunday to play catch-up.

JM Bell Jumps in the Mix

Mark Towner - Loudly Babbles and Blusters Once More
Posted in September 8th, 2007
by JM Bell in dementia, GOP asshats, GOP Shill

>>>>>JM I would have thought you would have stayed out of this, but it appears you are speaking for the liar and thief Jesse Harris since he will not speak for himself.

Marky Mark Towner is on another rant jag. He, once again, reloaded up his database of poached email addresses and names, sent out another list grab, and got caught with his security practically non-existent.

>>>(You know better JM)

His 5,800 email addresses and names were wide open for anyone else to steal, including a good chunk of personal information that, again, leads to the opinion that he either swiped it from the GOP lists, swiped it from the Utah Policy Daily and/or bought it.

>>>Steal, exactly JM what I was saying about Jesse and the other Bloggers. I will out you all when the time is right. The campaigns that "Stole the edited list" filled with gotcha email addresses that only I know about will blow several political campaigns (mostly democrat) right out of the water.

Jesse Harris over at Coolest Family Ever (which, even with that name, doesn’t talk about my family at all) caught another piece of Mark’s spam (as did several other bloggers), took a peek and found the giant security lapse that allowed anyone to grab all of the personal information that Mark had stored on 5,800 people. That’s bad. Very, very bad.
So what did Mark do when he was told of his irresponsible screw-up? In true GOP fashion, he blamed the messenger and started calling everyone who questioned his negligence as un-American.

>>> I have nothing whatsoever do do with the GOP (State or Local) anymore. I have registered a new party here in Utah.

In a nutshell, Mark is pissed that Jesse won’t apologize for saying that Mark has less than 10,000 “subscribers” after Jesse got a look at a list of 5,800. Mark also called Jesse un-American because Jesse thinks that Comcast and Qwest’s internet service sucks out loud. >>>> Please provide this quote JM, Oh now who's the liar? Jesse mentioned, I gather, something about wanting the promise of Fiber-Optics that we were all promised (and funded with tax dollars) that has yet to appear almost anywhere. You know, like Utopia. Mark further goes on to falsely state that Jesse is attacking Mark’s first amendment rights of free speech. Hmmm.
So, here you go, Mark:

Point #1 :
10,000-5,800——-=4,200 <– only this many to go before 10,000.

>>> Since I'm actually responding to the thief Jesse Harris, Harris claimed I likely had less than 3000 actual email addresses, 5800 is nearly double that number if my math is correct. Now where are the missing 4200 from the 10,000? These are the email addresses of our new political party. The people who are sick and tired of the same crap comming from both the Democrats and Republicans. Humm think about that one JM. You continue to imply my email addresses came from Utah Policy Daily, yet LaVarr Webb has told you on so many occasions that is not the case. What is UPD's subscriber base? alot more than 5800. I was never an employee of Utah Policy Daily and when I started working with them their subscriber base was around 3500. I wonder how their base of email address went from 3500 to nearly 10,000 over night. So who's email list are we really talking about here JM? You want to see the rest of the list and more JM? Are you willing to put up a bond of lets' say 1 million dollars and sign a ND agreement?

Point #2 : Comcast Sucks. I have Comcast, and it DOES suck. I used to have Qwest, and they suck even harder, that’s why I have Comcast. That’s me expressing an opinion under my first amendment rights. We were promised fiber-optics years ago and we gave the telecoms a crapload of taxpayer money to get it done and …. nearly nada. Why does wanting to be #1 in the world on Internet technology, instead of #42, make us un-American? While I believe that Republicans are often backward, it doesn’t seem to fit in with American Exceptionalism that we deserve, and should therefore quietly acquiesce, to mediocrity. I’d like an explanation of that one, Mark.

>>>> Comcast sucks, really??? I have Comcast here in Salt Lake City and my download speed is nearly T1. Upload could be better but for the money it's pretty good. Qwest on the other hand has no physical connection to my house anymore, I simply cut down the cable. We can thank Rocky Anderson for not getting fiber here in SLC. Maybe that will change with a new Mayor.

Point #3 : You are, to the best of my recollection, neither a candidate nor a party officer, and furthermore, you send out your opinion and whole news articles, reproduced and posted, without the permission of the publisher under the banner of pretend pirate captain and not, say, as a political organization. Therefore, your spam is not considered protected speech. It’s just spam with politically opinionated content. You want to go stand on a street corner and yell about this stuff, feel free. Otherwise, you’re a spammer. Either clean up your act or get an “I’m a dirty, fu*king spammer” T-shirt and embrace the real you.

>>>> As I stated earlier, I am an officer of a new created political party here in Utah. I have full First Amendment Protection as the founder and chair of that party. Any copyrighted articles have full link backs to the original, and I'm not receiving anything but thanks from the websites that people go to read that full story or get additional information. Since I actually track this and can show this additional traffic they are quite pleased. I've already spoken with these people JM, and if they had a problem with what I'm doing don't you think they would be contacting me directly? Who are you the Blogger Police?

Point #4 : It’s not fun, Mark, to do this every time someone takes exception with your behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the role of partisan asshat better than just about anyone, but I don’t place other people’s information at risk on the internet, and I never have to spam off a “suspect” list to get readers. So, c’mon, Mark. Knock it off, please? This is getting very old, and it’s not fun anymore. Share on Facebook

>>>>Finally JM and to all you other Political Bloggers that hate me or what I'm doing

1) I have nothing whatsover to do with the Utah or National Republican Party. I have resigned all positions, and Registered accordingly.

2) I'm sick of both major parties and plan to expose their corruption when I see it.

3) "Throw the Rascals Out" will be the rallying cry of the new political party here in Utah and maybe around the country if it catches fire.

4) I'm a political spammer, one of the biggest, although RCP is pretty close. I harvest email addresses, I purchase lists, I collect and database everything. I have every registered voter in Utah and in many other states where I consult databased. I can provide "your" voting record from 2000 to 2006 JM, and based on your neighborhood tell you exactly how you compare with your neighbors, from debts to car ownerships, paid taxes any public available information etc. You should know better than anyone JM, because I told you what I did in the past. I'm very good at what I do, and the 5800 emails stolen by Jesse and others were completely screened of the emails that are importent to me now, then I inserted a number of tracking emails. I will know exactly who and for what purpose these emails are used in the future.

Mark Towner's Spyglass Spots: Breaking: Hagel Out

September 8, 2007Breaking: Hagel OutPosted by REID WILSON E-Mail This Permalink Email Author
The Omaha World-Herald reports this morning that maverick Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska will call it quits in a Monday press conference, retiring from the Senate and forgoing a presidential bid. One source tells the World-Herald that Hagel told GOP leader Mitch McConnell of his decision yesterday.
The race to succeed Hagel already includes Attorney General Jon Bruning, and former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub is expected to join in soon. Former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns is said to be interested in the race.
On the Democratic side, DSCC chairman Chuck Schumer is hoping to recruit former Senator Bob Kerrey for a run at his old job. Kerrey is currently the president of the New School University in New York and has hinted that he is interested in a run. Without Kerrey, Democrats would turn to Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey or 2006 congressional candidate Scott Kleeb.
Democrats would have the strongest chance of winning the seat with Kerrey at the top of the ticket, and the former senator would probably be considered the favorite against Daub and Bruning. But Johanns would certainly come in as the front-runner, both in the GOP primary and in the general. A Kerrey-Johanns matchup would be viewed as a battle of the titans and would become one of the nation's most-watched races.
Hagel's decision brings to three the number of open seats Republicans will have to defend. The announcement continues a trend of Republicans who waited to decide their fate and chose re-election -- of the Senate Republicans who said they would announce their future plans at later dates, just Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran has opted for another race. Speculation continues to mount that Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens and New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici are also considering stepping down.