Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Morning Roundup

Posted: 08 May 2008 08:30 AM CDT

Fox News's "Fox and Friends" Debbie Dingell, on Michigan delegates being seated: "With all due respect to President Carter, he's wrong. He's one of the people that's made Iowa, a small state that...

Clinton Fights For Her Life

Posted: 08 May 2008 06:41 AM CDT

Hillary Clinton's biggest problem right now isn't her lack of money, and it isn't that undecided superdelegates will suddenly move against her. Indeed, yesterday was notable for the fact that so few...

Obama's Next Step

Posted: 07 May 2008 12:24 PM CDT

In a conference call with reporters, the Obama campaign focused on the relatively small number of pledged delegates they need to win the majority, and had five of Obama's top elected supporters...