Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Giuliani resigns as head of firm, calls his work there 'totally legal'

December 5, 2007

DES MOINES - Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has stepped down as head of his consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, after months of refusing to disclose the firm's clients or the role he played.

Giuliani has been replaced as chairman by Peter Powers, a longtime friend and former aide, Sunny Mindel, Giuliani Partners spokeswoman, said yesterday.

The firm, started by the former New York mayor when he left City Hall in 2002, earned Giuliani about $4 million last year. Mindel said he would retain his equity stake in the company.

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Group Knocks Clinton on Courage

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In his great piece on the growing hatred of the Clinton folks for Obama, David Corn mentions in passing that a liberal advocacy group has launched the first negative ad against Hillary Clinton. The...

Well, That Explains It

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One thing you can always count on: if you ask questions of the Ron Paul crowd - even rhetorical ones - you'll never come away empty handed. Among the many emails I received in response to my post the...

NH Poll

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Washington Post/ABC News has a new poll in New Hampshire showing Mitt Romney 17 points ahead of John McCain: Romney 37 McCain 20 Giuliani 16 Huckabee 9 Paul 8 Thompson 4 Romney leads by 15.6% in the...

Quinnipiac: FL, OH, PA Polls

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Quinnipiac is out with new surveys in the swing states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania conducted November 26 - December 3: Florida Democrats Clinton 53 Obama 17 Edwards 7 Undecided 15 Republicans...


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New Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg national poll out ( On the Republican side, Huckabee continues his surge while Giuliani slides, resulting in a 19-point net swing in Huckabee's favor over the last...

The PM Line

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Despite the recent NIE report, President Bush, in a press conference this morning, said Iran remains a threat... ...and Hillary Clinton's rivals used the report to attack her today. Right about now,...

CO Head-to-Heads, Senate

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Rasmussen has new numbers on the Colorado Senate race (Nov 28, 500 LV, MoE +/-4.5%) showing Republican Bob Schaffer virtually tied with Democrat Mark Udall to replace the retiring Republican Senator...

Exploiting the 'Joke'

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From Obama's campaign: When I decided to run for president, I accepted that my opponents would dig through my record looking for something to attack. I didn't realize they'd go all the way back to...

Huck & McCain Rise as Rudy & Mitt Fight

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A quick glance at the RCP chart below and it looks likely that the Romney vs. Giuliani squabbling has taken its toll on both campaigns. Obviously, there are other factors involved with each campaign...

'It Was a Joke'

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Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn responds to attacks on Obama's kindergarten essays: (h/t Mark Halperin)...

New GOP Early State Polls

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Today we get the other half of the race from AP/Pew (Nov 7-25): Iowa (264 GOP LV, MoE +/-7%) Romney 25 Huckabee 24 Giuliani 14 Thompson 12 McCain 5 Paul 5 New Hampshire (446 GOP LV, MoE +/-5.5%)...

'Now the Fun Part Starts'

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This video didn't come from Clinton's campaign: You get one guess which campaign it did come from. More videos in Vlog....

New Poll: Giuliani, Hucakbee Tied

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New Rasmussen daily tracking poll, which has shown Giuliani trending down and Huckabee rising over the last five days - now has the two in a tie: Giuliani 18 (-2) Huckabee 18 (+1) McCain 14 (+1)...

The Daily 2008

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On this day in 1918 Woodrow Wilson, on his way to the Versailles peace talks, becomes the first U.S. president to travel to Europe while in office. Now for today's top election stories: "'Now the Fun...

Ron Paul to Appear on The View

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If raising $12 million in the fourth quarter won't do it, surely appealing to soccer moms across the nation will! From ABC News: It was a big moment for Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex, and his presidential...