Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ridgway’s Law to take effect tomorrow

• Stalking of another person by electronic means or by a third party is prohibited.

I understand he received one vote (1) vote for his bid for the Republican nomination for House District 24, LOL

I also understand that former Vice Chair Dana Dickson managed the caucus and voting for this district. I was told by those in attendance that Ridgway was so angry that for his 3 minute speech he spent his first minute bashing Dana Dickson, his second minute bashing Dr. Joe Jarvis (who won all the delegates but his two opponents votes), and his third minute again bashing Dana Dickson. He said nothing about why he was running for the office. What a total waste of the delegates time.

The Captain


FURBjr said...

So what exactly did Ridgway have to say about these fine folks? What motivates him?

Anonymous said...

Mark, can you please tell us what the "Ridgway Law" accomplishes? How does it alter the previous law? Thanks.

Mark E. Towner said...

Here is the link for the bill that passed almost unanimously in both chambers.
Captain Mark