Saturday, May 03, 2008

Even with Bob Bernicks best efforts, Status Quo in Utah GOP

Even with all the commentary (spin) from Bob Bernick of the Deseret News, The Utah Republican delegates nominated or re-nominated incumbents without allowing the general public any say. No, none, nada, including Senator Buttars will see a primary election. And even LaVar Christensen will likely return to the hallowed peoples house, defeating one of the few Republican Women in the Legislature without a primary vote. Mike Ridgway, the Republican pariah who sought to embarrass Dr. Joe Jarvis for House seat 24, was himself embarrassed when he received only one single vote for his nomination (I assume his own, but your never know with this nut job) proving to everyone that any influence he might have had previously in the Republican Party is long gone. Next comes the State GOP Convention where I predict the same outcome.



twclay said...

"without allowing the general public any say"

So what? The Republican party gets to choose who represents it - not the general public. The general public gets to make its voice heard on election day in November.

Even IF there were a run-off election, the general public STILL wouldn't get a say. Only Republicans can vote - it is our party, after all. I'm pretty sure the other parties, particularly the Democratic party, would like Republicans crossing over. Just look at the brouhaha that Rush Limbaugh has caused in Pennsylvania!

Now, being in Davis County, I couldn't vote against Senator Butters. Not because he is a racist - I don't know him well enough to say that, but because he lets his mouth run on before putting his brain in gear. Not someone I'd want in that kind of position.

Mark Towner said...

Tom, you know darn well what I'm trying to say here. The delegates in both parties do not represent the average voter in their districts and you know it. For an elected official to only be required to get 30 votes to keep their seat in the House and 60 votes to keep their seat in the Senate produces results like what happened today. No term limits and delegate conventions almost ensure re-nomination / re-election for as long as they want. Show me where my logic is faulty?