Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Watt is wrong with the bulb?

Now this is something I have some degree of experience. For many of you Spyglass insiders know, I work for Lowes Home Improvement when I'm not bloggin away. In fact I'm the Fashion Lighting-Rough Electrical department manager for the new Salt Lake City store. It would shock most people to learn who many light bulbs I sell a day, but ask yourself why both Home Depot and Lowes places their light bulbs on the first Aisle where customers enter the store."Watt" is really interesting about this story is Wall mart announced they planned to "give away" enough compact fluorescent bulbs to light 450,000 homes. They plan on a joint marketing campaign with somebody like Coke that will go something like this. Buy a 12 pack and get a 4 pack of compact fluorescent bulbs free. In fact several weeks ago Lowes also gave away four packs of lights, all the customer had to do was purchase, send in a copy of the receipt and receive a refund. It was amazing how many customers did not take advantage. I wonder why our Legislature has not taken up this issue, given the poor air quality we can have here in Utah?

"Watt is wrong with the bulb?By Rohan Sullivan ASSOCIATED PRESS February 21, 2007SYDNEY, Australia - The government yesterday announced plans to phase out incandescent light bulbs and replace them with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs across the country. Legislation to gradually restrict the sale of the old-style bulbs could reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million tons by 2012 and cut household power bills by up to 66 percent, said Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull."

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