Wednesday, February 21, 2007

From Todays Utah Policy Daily

Columnist Dan Lips says that Utah's new school voucher system "will provide other states and communities with a model of widespread parental choice in education. If history is any guide, Utah's program will inspire lawmakers across the country to develop and implement similar plans, as Dr. [Milton] Friedman envisioned" (Human Events) (see also related Mobile Press-Register editorial).


Marshall said...

And when vouchers are a giant failure and all we did was create a huge subsidy for rich parents to send their kids to private school then will this be the end of this stupid idea?

I won't be holding my breath.

I can hear all you guys right now 'but, but, but if only we would have done it bigger'.

I get the feeling that we will never hear the end of it from those that think education should only be available to the chosen few.

Mark E. Towner said...

So Marshall, Your solution is?

See thats the problem with you people. You only see what benifits you, not the kids.

So predictable,
The Spyglass