Saturday, August 29, 2009

If they made a Movie, Nobody would believe it

Andrea, My Oldest Daughter is speaking....

The miracles of adoption never ceases to amaze me. When we first got Jiji's file we asked the orphanage for updated photos of Jiji. They sent us the photo below with Jiji standing next to this darling little girl.

We had made friends with a couple from Holland who had a baby that looked similar and I wrote them and told them that I think our daughters might have been cribmates. They were unsure as they just had a photo of their baby and had not picked her up yet, but there was a possibility. While we were in China I got an email from a mom that said she just about fell out of her chair when reading our blog and saw a photo of their daughter.

I visited her blog and sure enough the mystery baby in the photo was now named Tess and home with her family in ......ready for this......Rock Hill South Carolina only 45 minutes away from us!!!

From all the places in the world these two could have been sent to be sent to the same area is no less than a complete miracle. Ready for the next amazing part ..... Tess's name is Tess Hyde!! So we have Lizzie Heid and Tess Hyde, cribmates in Xiushan China, now living 45 minutes away from each other.

We had Tess's family over for dinner tonight and had a wonderful time. They brought photos of Tess and Jiji taken on the same day as the photo that I have in the same outfits. Precious. They are a great family and we quickly became good friends. Tess's mom visits her dad every other week who lives about 10 minutes from us, so we will have lots of play dates to keep these girls close as they grow up. As they grow older it will become such an important friendship. Very much like sisters.

Here is a photo of them in the crib at the orphanage...

and here is one of them playing tonight....

Next I need to find a mom who's daughter was called Tintin at the orphanage. Anyone? She was there when we picked up Jiji and was going to be picked up by her parents soon. The nanny told us that Tintin and Jiji played together a lot.

I was going to close this blog soon as our China story is over but I changed my mind. I'm going to continue to add to it every now and then with updates on Jiji and talk about special needs children in China that are looking for their families.

I'm still trying to figure out how to post the video I made so hopefully that will come soon.

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