Monday, July 07, 2008

Former escort service owner claims prostitution prosecutors on 'vendetta'

Seeks delay in Thursday trial

Former escort service owner claims prostitution prosecutors on 'vendetta'

A former escort service owner charged with running a prostitution ring wants a judge to delay his Thursday trial.

Doll House owner Steven Santiago Maese claims the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office should be disqualified because DA Lohra Miller has a "personal and political vendetta" against him.
Third District Judge Randall Skanchy said he would review the issue, but warned Maese, and his attorney, Gilbert Athay, he would likely rule against them.
Athay argued that Miller still has hard feelings toward Maese for supporting and assisting recently fired prosecutor Kent Morgan in his failed battle against Miller for the Republican nomination for DA in April 2007. Morgan was fired in March for allegedly leaking confidential information about the Doll House to Maese and is appealing the firing to county officials.
Last week, Athay said today, Miller injected herself into the case by ordering prosecutor Chad Platt to refuse Maese any plea deal offers.

The Political Spyglass: 7/7/2008 4:36:00 PM
No Quarter Offered, No Quarter Given. Doll House owner Steven Santiago Maese is a total slime ball and tried to ruin Lohra Miller's reputation by attacking her private family life, along with a nutcase neighbor. DO NOT GIVE AN INCH on this case Lohra, go for it all and make this jerk pay for his actions and exploiting these women "escorts" prostitutes. I wish they still allowed public floggings. I hope he ends up "escorting" a few inmates down at the point of the mountain.

The Captain

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