Friday, June 27, 2008

Cannon was the first shot heard round the World 'Get Out of Our House'

'Get Out of Our House'

GOOOH stands for 'Get Out of Our House' and is pronounced like the word 'go'. It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you.

GOOOH enables you to do four things you can't do today:

1. Run for Congress without raising millions of dollars
2. Truly participate in the selection of your Congressman
3. Replace career politicians with true representatives who will be held accountable
4. Eliminate the influence of special interest groups in the election process

The GOOOH process allows Americans of every political leaning to nominate themselves or someone they know to run for Congress. Through GOOOH's Candidate Selection Sessions you and your peers will select the candidate in your district who best represents your district's views. Even if you do not wish to become your district's representative you will want to participate in the process and have a direct say in who is chosen to represent your district. GOOOH will fund a national campaign for the 435 candidates (one from each district) who will run against the party politicians. Because GOOOH is a process for selecting representatives (not an agenda-based party platform) we expect a very liberal candidate to be selected in San Francisco and a very conservative one in Colorado Springs -- but it will be up to the GOOOH members in each district to decide.

For GOOOH to succeed we will need at least 500,000 participants. We will continue to build our base of supporters until we have the participation we need, at which time we will begin our effort to have the GOOOH party added to the ballot in the 50 states and to select our 435 nominees. There are many variables involved in reaching this level of support, and we hope you appreciate it will take time to do so, but we believe it is only a matter of time.

The most controversial part of GOOOH is that the founder, Tim Cox, has proposed excluding politicians, actively prosecuting attorneys, and individuals with family assets over $11.5 million (250 times the median income) from the process. They are excluded not because they are bad people, but because they are overly represented in government today and, generally speaking, no longer seem to represent the common man. It is not proposed that they be excluded from the two parties or from running as independents, just that they not be allowed to participate in this system initially, while we try to restore more balance to our House. Mr. Cox understands his view may be incorrect, and that excluding anyone may be the wrong approach, but he felt compelled to start with what he thought was the best way to effect the needed change, not what was politically correct. With this in mind, the members of GOOOH will soon be asked to vote and decide if anyone should be excluded or if we should allow each pool of ten to determine for themselves how they want to vote. There is a great debate going on in our forums on this topic, and you are invited to weigh in.

We hope you will join GOOOH today and help us take our House back from the politicians!

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