Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Put your MONEY where your mouth is Utah Democratic Party.

I challenge Wayne Holland and Rob Miller, party leaders of the Utah Democratic Party to put up or shut up. Holland and Miller have been quoted in the press and Blogs that the Utah Democratic Party is going to clean up in the 2008 election cycle here in Utah.

So I propose this challenge on stage on election night in full view of all the media outlets. I will take a pie in the face on behalf of the highest Act blue donor for each Democratic candidate that removes a Republican incumbent from Office.

I will come dressed in my finest conservative attire and take it like a man for the entire world to see.

I do not think even one Republican incumbent will be defeated in 2008 and am willing to put my face in pie jeopardy. If no Democrat takes a Republican seat, then both Holland and Miller must submit to pies from me.

Captain Mark

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