Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Battle That Clinton Didn't Expect

Posted: 04 Mar 2008 12:48 AM CST

WASHINGTON -- So how did the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination come down to a choice between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? We have become so accustomed to their pounding each...


Oldenburg said...

Mark, are you going to comment on a certain Supreme Court case? I am reading it right now and would love to hear your take on it.

Captain Mark said...

David, If you look at Yesterday's archive articles I already have. How are things going for you? Carrie is running crazy with the Gunnison and Hildale cases as well as several others. At what firm did you land?


Oldenburg said...

Thanks for pointing me to your news summary. I was hoping for something a little more commentary wise. But I guess you opted for the classy route.

It was great to see Carrie's testimony in the opinion as well as a plug for the SJ Quinney College of Law. Did Carrie help at all with the brief?

I am clerking for a judge right now, so I am able to put off a decision as to what I do with myself for another 10 months or so.

Captain Mark said...

Carrie actually wrote 100% of the brief with Peter doing the augument before the Supreme Court. Carrie did'nt feel she was ready to argue the case just yet. Carrie will be taking over the case from now on and any further trial stuff she will handle herself. We anticipate that Judge Lindberg will simply establish her findings of fact from the testimony without another trail, but Carrie is prepared for either situation. A new trial would allow us to bring in additional testimony and witnesses, as well the several arrests of Ridgway. Ridgway has several ongoing court cases and now that the Supreme Court has not vacated the original order, there are several additional charges Salt Lake City will likely be filing. Carrie is down in Gunnison today for the City Council meeting. She wrote the complaint on behalf of the City and around 25 residents. An offer was made to Top Stop / Wind River to settle the case, however they will likely be filing the case next week as they have had no communication from the other side.

Captain Mark