Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No One Can Agree On Obama's & Clinton's Delegate Count

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Last Update: 2/17 5:58 pm
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Who Will Become The Democratic Presidential Nominee?
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton Vote WASHINGTON, D.C. - Here's what we do know: 2,025 delegates are needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.But interestingly, if you want to know how close Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are to reaching that magic number... it depends on where you look, because as of Sunday evening none of the major news media had an identical scorecard.For instance, according to ABC News, Barack Obama led in the race by a delegate count of 1,297 to Clinton's 1,224. Yet at the same time, NBC News scored the race 1,116 to 985 in Obama's favor. By CBS News' count, Obama's lead was 1,289 to 1,213. The Associated Press and CNN, though not operated by any of the three networks -- or each other -- also had totally different delegate counts.

CBS News delegate scorecard
NBC News delegate scorecard
CNN delegate scorecard
ABC News delegate scorecard

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