Monday, May 14, 2007

Who Is C. Rick Koerber?

C. Rick Koerber
Founder and CEO of FranklinSquires Investments, Claud “Rick” Koerber is a highly sought after motivational speaker and business consultant.
He has worked with, represented, and held key positions in companies such as FranklinCovey, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Carleton Sheets Personal Coaching, and IKON Office Solutions. His broad background also includes seminary teacher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, high school instructor, parliamentary/policy debate coach at Casper College in Wyoming, and founder of six businesses.

Although only in his thirties, Rick has in his own words “had a lifetime of experience in both headaches and wonderful triumphs.” Rick’s establishment of the Equity Milling process—a successful, creative real estate technique—has resulted in his acquisition over $100 million in real estate. Rick currently resides with his wife and two children in Springville, Utah.

Rick Koerber has always been an entrepreneur. As a boy, he constantly came up with ideas about the next great business plan. His first notable venture in the world of entrepreneurialism occurred as President of, a successful Internet company he established with a few partners in the mid 1990’s. In 2000, the dotcom bubble burst and so did Overnight, Rick and his wife, Michelle, were $800,000 in debt.

Financially, Rick didn’t know what to do. From a deep hole of debt, he questioned the possibility of ever getting out. He even considered giving up and leaving the business world forever. After much thought, he and Michelle decided to proceed forward on two resolutions: first, the need to identify others who were once in their situation and had discovered a way out of debt; and second, to be committed to fundamental economic principles.

Today, six years later, Rick and Michelle’s lives are much different. Their financial position has changed drastically because of finding and living basic economic principles that do not change with time or market conditions. Rick rediscovered these principles by studying America’s Founding Fathers.

Many people have asked Rick how he got out of debt. Finding it very rewarding to teach the principles he rediscovered to others, Rick and Michelle formed FranklinSquires Investments.
The purpose of FranklinSquires is to work with individuals, families, and small businesses to obtain three core values: self-reliance, economic independence, and financial freedom. The name Franklin is the surname from one side of Rick’s family and Squires comes from a side of Michelle’s family. The name FranklinSquires carries significance because Rick and Michelle literally want to build a legacy that utilizes timeless principles and values to help others.
Rick has learned throughout his experiences that there is no substitute for true self-reliance. One cannot be truly self-reliant if he or she depends on others or circumstances for subsistence. FranklinSquires helps people acquire economic independence by teaching them how to generate more passive or portfolio income than living expenses. The ultimate goal is for people to be financially free and use their own monetary resources to do good for their own family and those around them.

Rick has stated, “I’ve learned throughout all my journeys that every one of us has to make a decision at some point whether we’re going to be responsible for where we are in life, especially financially.”Despite Rick’s early economic adversity with, his personal beliefs and individual character motivated him to pay back over $800,000 debt—regardless of having no legal obligation to do so.

Rick and his family enjoy the financial freedom that results from following the principles of prosperity economics taught by the Founding Fathers.
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Tyler Farrer said...

"Many people have asked Rick how he got out of debt."

If you have $7,000 to give him then he'll tell you.

That's the rub.