Sunday, May 06, 2007

UPD Blogwatch

Blog Watch-- The Washington Post’s On Faith blog posts essays about Mormonism from 16 prominent religion writers.
-- RealClearPolitics blog says: “Surely Bob Novak would claim he's just reporting the facts, but it's hard to see his column today as anything other than a slam on Mitt Romney and his religion. Perhaps there are ways of talking about the Sept. 11, 1857, Mountain Meadows Massacre (which, for those without a calculator, happened 150 years ago -- before the Civil War even) and the upcoming movie documenting its events without tying it so closely to Romney, but Novak eschews such pretenses.”
-- Robert Bluey says Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett “sell out” conservatives by supporting the D.C. Voting Rights Act, which would give Utah a 4th congressional seat. Similar criticism comes from National Review Online’s The Corner, while FreeRide is more even-handed.
-- Fred Gedicks at Balkanization says: “The theological bed rocks of conservative Christianity–-the Trinity, resurrection, real presence, virgin birth, atonement for sins and salvation by grace–-are all as bizarre as the strangest Mormon doctrines, but seem "reasonable" because they’ve been around for centuries and are shared by large American majorities. Thus James Dobson argues--without any sense of irony--that the U.S. should be governed by (his version of) the teachings of a God who was born to a virgin, allowed himself to be crucified, and then brought himself back from the dead to an eternal life, at the same time that he suggests that Mormons or Muslims are simply too weird to be trusted with political power or office.” See also Ken Jennings and Article VI blog.

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