Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mitt Romney's Chances at Winning the Republican Nomination

Mitt Romney is now leading in the nation's first primary by a comfortable margin but Texas holds the key to Mitt Romney's success.

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) May 9, 2007 --'s latest New Hampshire poll shows that the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, is leading in the nation's first primary by a comfortable margin. According to the poll of 551 likely Republican primary voters, Romney has 32% support followed by Giuliani and McCain with 23% and 22% support respectively.
"Supporters of the Romney campaign for president should expect more good news in the following weeks." says, the nation's leading centralized location for up-to-the minute polls from more than 20 polling agencies. stresses that this is just one of many pieces of good news the Romney campaign has had in recent months. On April 2, 2007, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign reported that it raised more than any other GOP candidate, $20 million dollars. Then following the first GOP debate, according to a NewsMax internet poll, Mitt Romney was deemed the winner by 47%; 3 times more than Giuliani and almost 7 times more than McCain. "Although the NewsMax poll is non-scientific, at 47%, it still attests to the success the former governor had at the debate especially among true right winged conservatives." says They further pointed out that the frontrunners Giuliani and McCain are seen as being too moderate for the conservative base, a reason for Romney's latest success.

According to the web site, Giuliani stood the most to lose at the first debate and he did. "Giuliani waffled on the issue of abortion," says David Terr of Terr points out that Giuliani's slip helps give life to other candidates aside from McCain and himself. "Voters are afraid of voting for a candidate that has no chance of winning but with Romney's latest successes, conservatives are overcoming their caution on the candidate because it is looking like the race is very much up for grabs."

New Hampshire is geographically beneficially for Romney. Being from Massachusetts, he can better connect with voters from the state. Romney still lags behind in national polls, a measure of widespread notability. Many states have pushed up their state's primaries to February 5, 2008 which means that it might not be enough to only do well in Iowa and New Hampshire as it was for John Kerry in 2004. Because if that were the case then every governor and senator of Iowa and New Hampshire would become the eventual winner of the presidency.

Giuliani seems to be a shoe-in to win New York. In the Siena College poll of 980 likely registered voters on April 16-20, 2007, Giuliani more than triples second place candidate McCain 47-16. He has a sizeable lead in California as well. Of the big three states (New York, California, and Texas) Romney needs to campaign hard in Texas for a couple of reasons. It's strong conservative base resonates well with his political views; and the race is the closest in Texas. With its large number of delegates and if it moves up to February 5, Texas could be the key to a successful Romney candidacy. The Texas house has already approved moving the state's primary election to February but it is pending in the state senate.

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