Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rolly Broadside sinks the Black Pearl

Rolly Broadside sinks the Black Pearl

I guess we can’t have fun anymore without worrying about the political correctness police.

The private screening of the new “Disney” Pirates of the Caribbean combined with a fund raiser for Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has been sunk. The idea for the event was all mine and Mark S. had agreed to participate as Pirate Black-Mark Shurtleff. For those who have been on the Disney ride, there is a wench auction taking place when the pirates have taken the town. A beautiful redhead is on display, but the auctioneer is selling very ugly wenches, with calls for “we want the redhead” from the pirate crowd.
I had planned on duplicating this event by having Legislative leadership and other prominent elected officials dress up as the ugly wenches with the help of their spouses. The auction winner would have had the privilege (or not) of dumping a bucket of seawater on the wench (Legislator).

The Attorney General was not aware of the details, as I had hoped this would be a big surprise for him and the crowd. Well this all backfired when Salt Lake Tribune reporter Paul Rolly caught wind of the event, and focused on the “Wench Auction”. This drew unwanted and uncalled for negative attention to the Attorney General who was just being a good sport.

I grew up in Seattle and loved watching parades. There is an institution in Seattle since 1949 called the SeaFair Pirates I had hoped that maybe we could start an organization here in Utah that would be fun and raise money for charity just like in Seattle. But it appears that just dressing up as a Pirate and having some fun is politically incorrect “within the party of Jan Graham, Karen Shepherd, Patricia Jones and Patrice Arent, there would be hell to pay” according to Paul Rolly.

Have we as a society come to the point where we can’t have fun anymore? How sad, and I think Paul Rolly owes the Attorney General an apology for not getting the entire story first hand.

I apologize to Mark Shurtleff for any negative attention that my actions have brought upon him personally and his respected office of Attorney General.

Mark E. Towner,
Publisher of “The Political Spyglass”


Anonymous said...

Ahoy Matey! It be too bad that your local folks put a stop to your pirate shenanigans. Here in Seattle the Pirates are still alive and well, pillaging & plundering all in the name of community and charity and keeping our neighbors spirits alive! Tell those uptight lawmakers to come out and visit us during Seafair sometime to find out how we have fun in the PNW!!!

-Pirate Steve
a Seattle Seafair Pirate

Mark E. Towner said...

Thanks Steve....

I always dreamed of being a Seafair Pirate. I don't want to every grow up, old maybe but not up.


Captain Mark

Anonymous said...

I loved the Seafair Pirates and the huge Boom's. Get a life Rolly

Former Kid from Seattle