Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Private Screening of Pirates of the Caribbean III

Arrrr... Spyglass crew members. Captain Mark announces that Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and The Political Spyglass are sponsoring a private screening of the New Pirates of the Caribbean III, At The Worlds End at the Jordan Commons MegaPlex on June 8th the Night before the State Convention.
Festivities will begin around 3:30 as Pirates take over the commons, and all candidates for party office have been invited to mingle with the crew. Photo Opportunities with Admiral Black Mark Shurtleff, Captain Mark Towner, and other notable Pirates will begin around 4:00 with the movie to begin around 5:30.

This event will be for State GOP Delegates and there be bunk space for only around 500 swabs to see the movie, so you better act quick and send in your requests for tickets to the Captain.

There will be prizes for best costumes of the main characters of the movie.

Come join us and make this a memorable event. Send an email to marktowner@comcast.net to let the Captain know how many tickets your crew be needing.

Captain Mark


Anonymous said...

How do you buy tickets?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning off the stoopid pirate music.

Curt Bramble said...


I am confused. Are tickets available for sale as well as being given away by drawing for spyglass subscribers? Does your name have to be drawn to be elgible to purchase tickets?

If available for sale without the drawing, how, who, where, etc. should the purchase price be sent.

Thanks for all you do with the spyglass bolg.

Curt Bramble
Utah Senate Majority Leader

Mark E. Towner said...

Dear Senator Bramble,

Tickets will be for sale at $15.00 each, or $20.00 per couple. Depending on the response from the Spyglass Crew, this will determine the number of tickets available. We hope to fill the largest available. The showing will be at the Gateway, on May 25th

Captain Mark...