Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mormonism: Religion, Denomination, or Cult?

By Frank Pastore
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Am I an anti-Mormon bigot for simply raising this question?

In this column two weeks ago (available here), I stated I would vote for Mitt Romney should he win the Republican nomination, and that “though I am willing to unite with and befriend Mormons in common cause to advance our shared values, I am hoping to be a voice of clarity – unwilling to allow Mormonism to be mistaken for orthodox Christianity and unwilling again to disqualify a candidate simply because he is from a faith tradition so different from my own.”

I also stated, “many Mormons in recent years have taken to calling themselves Christians, and a growing number of Christians are willing to speak of Mormonism as something akin to another Christian denomination. But, Mormonism is not a Christian denomination, nor is it merely ‘a non-Christian religion.’ To be theologically precise, though perhaps politically incorrect, Mormonism is a cult of Christianity.”

Everyone should read this and post comments about how you feel on Frank Pastore's Blog site as well as on the Spyglass site.

Here is the complete story....,_denomination,_or_cult&ns=FrankPastore&dt=04/28/2007&page=full&comments=true

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