Thursday, March 22, 2007

Republican right wants Condi

OK you Political Junkies. Write this day down as I will make a prediction of upcomming events in Washington. Vice President Cheney will resign from office for medical reasons, and Condi Rice will be named to replace him. This will mean the Republican President has named the First and Second African American's to the office of Secretary of State, and then the first female, African American to the office of Vice President. Once that happens, all bets are off on the GOP nomination.
Mark E. Towner,
The Spyglass

Die-Hards Still Want President Condi
by Dave Eberhart

Condi may shyly say "no" to seeking the highest office in the land, but her many grass-roots fans shout, "yes!"

In the latest Zogby poll released Feb. 26, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice finished fourth behind Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani in a poll of likely Republican primary voters.
In the same poll, she finished third among self-identified "conservative Republicans" — behind Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Numbers like this excite Richard Holt, the national director of, who said during a recent radio interview that Rice's impressive poll numbers are simply out there — without spending tens of thousand of dollars to promote her as president.

Grass-Roots Phenomenon
The Condi phenomenon also inspires about a score of other Web sites and a whole collection of blogs, despite the fact that the former national security adviser has never declared for the highest office and has given no sign of doing so. But for just raw enthusiasm, just spend some time with Crystal Dueker, the communications director for ThinkCondi.
NewsMax did and found a delightful loyalist to one of the most admired women in America, if not the world.

Dueker reveals that she was initially inspired by NewsMax contributor and all-round political guru, Dick Morris.
"After reading Dick Morris's book, ‘Condi v Hillary,' I realized that there was something that I could do to make a difference. That's when I contacted others about starting up a Condi Rice group on my own," Dueker says.
Dueker says that she and her colleagues are behind what she describes as the only real grass-roots effort to recruit Rice.

"There are others Web sites and dozens of blogs which have been helping promote the message that Condi Rice needs to run and that if she runs, she is highly favored to win the nomination as president," Dueker says. "But we have contacted these groups and they are only interested in speaking up for Secretary Condi — while the actual building of an organization they are leaving to us."

Rock Star Appeal
On the subject of whether Condi has the star appeal of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Dueker is adamant.
"From reports in just the past year, she was a ‘rock star' at the Southern Baptist Convention in North Carolina, speaking passionately about defending our nation," Dueker admonishes. "People were overheard by reporters making comments that she should run for president and others who said, ‘I'll vote for her.'

"She was also a rock star at the American Legion convention in Utah — and she has been questioned around the world about running for president. Her job approval numbers are over 60 percent, and a recent Vogue magazine article also mentioned strong support for a future run for higher office by Condi."

Dueker also notes that in February 2007, Australian News columnist, Caroline Overington, wrote that Condi is a self-made woman who should run for president.
As to whether Condi has ever acknowledged her grass-roots support, Dueker says that during an interview on television, Secretary Rice was asked pointblank about the efforts of these groups promoting her for president. She said that she was flattered but that she was not going to run. However, when asked if she would tell the groups to stop what they were doing, she stated that it was their right to free speech.

Dueker was asked about people's reactions. "My car has bumper stickers ‘Condi Rice for President 2008,' and hundreds of people have honked their horns in support, and others say they hope she will actually run. From Iowa, to Texas, to Florida — most African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians have told me that her running would be a good thing for the Republican Party. She is someone who is greatly respected by most people of all genders and all ethnic backgrounds."

Never discouraged, Dueker works four to six hours daily collecting information to send to prospective supporters and even more time making phone calls and meeting with local supporters to ensure the building of a strong organization.
If Condi is perceived as being less than enthusiastic about running for national office, Dueker shrugs it off as a good — and perhaps necessary — thing for the time being.
"She must not be seen a shirking her duty as our secretary of state and trying to seek higher office at this moment," she explains. "Since her time is consumed by meeting world leaders in Russia, China, South Korea and Japan to resolve the North Korean crisis, or flying for days to the Middle East to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I understand that she can't be distracted at this time by thinking about running for president."

The Will of the People
Dueker sees Condi's position as the top diplomat in foreign policy as a proven jumping-off point.
"This the same position of experience which groomed Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Van Buren, and Buchanan," she notes.
Dueker draws a comparison with the reluctant Condi to Gens. U.S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower — both the subject of draft campaigns.
"It all comes down to the will of the people to select their own leaders," she concludes.

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Anonymous said...

Deuker is a bit of a nutter. I used to work with her. However, I'd be the first to second your Condi speculation. The Base is NOT happy with the present crop of candidates. Witness the Thompson boomlet.

I'm betting that your hunch is right. Over the summer, when Condi's nomination can dominate the Iowa straw poll news and freeze the money in place.