Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rebecca Walsh Shows Her True Colors, Liberal Blue

You have the story wrong girl, get you facts straight. Vice President Cheney asked BYU. Would you be writing this article if it was former Vice President Al Gore. You need to check your own bias!
Mark Towner, The Spyglass

WALSH: Church shows true color - red
By Rebecca Walsh Tribune Columnist
Article Last Updated: 03/29/2007 01:50:47 AM MDT

Gordon B. Hinckley has blown his cover. The prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and all the rest of the church's elders are nominally nonpartisan. Every election year, they remind us of it with a tortured statement claiming they don't play favorites between the Democrats and the Republicans. Don't buy it. The decision to invite Vice President Dick Cheney to speak at Brigham Young University's April commencement shreds the LDS Church's perennial claims of political neutrality.

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Anonymous said...

Better blue than Fascist RED!

Anonymous said...

amen... let dick come, though. i'd like to see byu's reputation further cemented. maybe over time unshackled thinkers will make the choice to attend school elsewhere and byu can finally wind up at offical "Oral Roberts U" status.

i'd also like to see a boisterous protest commence. perhaps it would make cnn or fox.

William said...

Typical Fox News reaction... anyone who disagrees with the Neocon Viewpoint is called a dirty name, like Liberal Blue. However, I hear lots of THINKING Republicans, rare as they are in Utah, agreeing that the "Go F**k Yourself", most dishonorable VP in American History is not the type of person who could bring any type of positive ideas or example to a group of future hopefully "good" Americans.

Your website took a severe credibility hit with that "opinion".