Thursday, April 27, 2006

No Way Day

Why we must Stop PFS Now

Had the Industry been allowed to develop new reactor technology and recycling of spent fuel rods like what is done in France and other European Countries, we would not be having this discussion.

So why must we not allow PFS to start temporary storage of thousands of casks of spent fuel rods on a concrete slab just a few miles upwind of the major metropolitan center of Utah. Because if this is allowed to start, #1 temporary will become permanent, but more importantly Congress will again skirt the real tough issue of energy independence.

If the President of the United States were to direct the Congress to remove the roadblocks to new technology development for Nuclear Energy, and stipulate that we need to build these plants on the coasts so they can convert Seawater into hydrogen, we could within the next decade have both coasts using 100 percent hydrogen/electric automobiles.

The reprocessing of spent fuel rods by Energy Solutions would be the fuel for these new reactors, making the PFS storage unnecessary.

We must now apply the pressure on our elected officials and turn up the heat on the BLM and get this project stopped. To help make this happen please click on the following link and follow thru by emails, faxes, or letters.

Let’s stop this now, and obtain energy independence.

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Mark E. Towner

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